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A Mechatronic Engineer Turned Software Engineer.
Turned award winning product agency Owner and Speaker.
Turned Startup founder and Investor.

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Vaibhav is one of the most well known technology founders in Australia. He's built several startups into Million Dollar businesses serving Millions of customers across the globe via five2one. He's commonly found on stage talking about AI/ML or Product engineering whilst building his 2nd startup cenario.

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Vaibhav shares his best finds and advice on startups, marketing, engineering and growth


He builds global businesses.

Vaibhav comes recommended by C - Level Execs of Billion $ companies, he's won prestigious awards and lost is pretty hair doing so.

He started Five2One in May 2017 with $500 and grew it to 7 figures and 10 team members in 11 months & 28 days

In this time 521 has been recognised as one of the best in Australia, their portfolio companies have gone onto to serving millions of customers globally, bringing in millions in revenue, raising multi-million investment rounds or exiting for a healthy $.

He builds products that are engineered to win.

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He learns from the best.

Vaibhav scours the internet for the best and most impactful founders and leaders across the globe, introduces a mic and smashes out HARD hitting questions about BUISNESS, GROWTH, TACTICS, FAILURES, SUCCESS and BETRAYAL in his raw podcast series.

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V really understands product and technology. He came through a recommendation and led the build of a key product for us. He built a very scalable product under a quick deadline and was always available to help us whenever needed and even mentored some of our engineers. He integrated really well with the team and was extremely communicative and invested into bringing the product to life. I would highly recommend V to anyone who needs to build robust and scalable apps in an agile manner. 

Jonathan Chan

Vaibhav was excellent in restructuring a vital part of our product. He was always there and always gave excellent advice on what needs to be done - he really knows his stuff. He went above and beyond to deliver what we asked for. Always available to talk to get advice on software and technology

Jamila Gordon

V was a great add to the team. He helped spear head the transition of a massive framework to host our large customer base. He holds a strong technical ground. He was always positive, entrepreneurial and we've kept in touch ever since. I'd definitely recommend working with V.

Tom Waterhouse

Technology Driven by Results.

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keynote speaker

Vaibhav has spoken at over 60 conferences globally on Startups, Product, Software Engineering and ML. His entertaining and extremely simplistic approach has always left the audience entertained asking for more



Vaibhav has taught more than 18,000 students on Udemy and trained the entire National NewsCorp Engineering team along with 1000s of people in ML/AI across Australia


Product Engineering

If you're looking for someone who's an expert in building products for growth and outcome get in touch.


Tech Architecture

Vaibhav's code architecture is responsible for handling 10000s of transactions a minute from his work with WilliamHill, IAG, NewsCorp, PwC, The World Food Programme or Autotrader

In the media.

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CAANZ National Meeting For Innovation
Harvey Rd, Prosperity, PA, 15329
CAANZ National Meeting For Innovation
Harvey Rd, Prosperity, PA, 15329
CAANZ National Meeting For Innovation
Harvey Rd, Prosperity, PA, 15329
CAANZ National Meeting For Innovation
Harvey Rd, Prosperity, PA, 15329